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Wheels MFG Releases Updated Pro-level BB Tools

Wheels Manufacturing has been filling our lives with quiet bottom brackets, derailleur hangers, and tools for years. To make servicing their bottom brackets (and others with replaceable bearings) even easier, they've released updated professional-level tools for both installation and extraction of the inner bearing and cup. They sent over a set so we could get a first-hand look at the new set up.

The Pro Bottom Bracket Press is a well-finished piece of kit, anodized and made with excellent tolerances that we expect from WMF - all while using the 1/2" threaded rod that allows it to interface with their new "Adjustable Press Stop" (cube) that we covered previously. Wheels also made it so the bb cup tools interface with the press as well, allowing them to be used in conjunction.

The Pro Bearing Extractor kit hones in on the ability to remove the bearings from the alloy cup bottom brackets while leaving the cups in the frame. By creating a receiver for the bearing, you can pull it right out and then press in a new one while leaving the bottom bracket installed. The interface on this tool is specced a bit tight, and the unit we received had some rough machining marks on the "pushers" for the collets, but overall a very functional tool that gets the job done!

As a cool, smaller tool - Wheels makes a Bottom Bracket Gauge that we requested as well that makes finding the size and type of bottom bracket you need a quick and easy process. It has specific sizing for shell width, inner diameter, and spindle diameter. You can accomplish the same thing with a caliper of course, but the "go-no-go" nature of the gauge is very easy to use.

We are happy to see companies stepping up to make tools that make mechanics' lives easier, and increase the professionalism of our work. With the right tools, a job becomes accessible and efficient - it's great to see companies like Wheels Manufacturing also providing the tools necessary to service the products they create.

Check out their Bottom Bracket Kits here:

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