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The Great Shortening: Modding the Park Tool DSD-2

Not too long ago, we had a video about JIS screwdrivers and their merit. Do you need one? Do you not? For you to decide.

There are a handful of choices when it comes to JIS screwdrivers, and all perform admirably. Here's a quick list:

The Vessel Megadora

Available in multiple lengths, this screwdriver offers "Jawsfit" which assists in grip and further reduces the chance of stripping.

The Vessel Modular Screwdriver

With its multiple fittings, this screwdriver gives you many sizes in one. Vessel does not extend the Jawsfit to their inserts, but they are magnetic.

The Hozan JIS Screwdriver Set

An inexpensive set, fills a need without the frills and finish of the Vessel choices. And at half the cost.

MotionPro JIS Bits

If you already have a 1/4 driver just itching for JIS - look no further than a set of bits. Versatile and easy to use.

And finally, the tool of the hour...

The Park Tool DSD-2

Hard to fit in a picture, the DSD-2 claims to be "better than JIS" standards and also boasts as the longest screwdriver on the market.

So with the main complaint being length, I set out to shorten the tool and make it more user-friendly. Turns out, it's very easy to do! Here's a video detailing the process:

Despite the hiccup of a factory damaged grub screw, the modification resulted in a very useful tool with a much more standard length. If you are mildly handy and have a DSD-2 collecting dust somewhere, this is the time to get it back in action!

Bringing the DSD-2 back into realistic dimensions was a straightforward mod that anyone can do. Highly recommended!

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