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The BEST Bearing Press For Travel

Whether you're a mobile mechanic or working races on the weekend, efficiency and weight are important factors when selecting tools. We all know there are plenty of good bearing presses on the market, but one shines particularly well for the traveling mechanic:

The Enduro Bearings Multi- Press

I put together a video discussing its features, but if you're in a read-only kind of mood, scroll down!

The Enduro press comes in a tidy tool roll with three individual sizes of rod - two 8mm for hubs and pivots and one 9.5mm for headsets. While it does not include bushings for hubs or bottom brackets (sold separately) - it does come with a headset press set-up. The two ultra-light handles can be moved to any of the three presses with the interface being a snap-ring connection to a 15mm nut.

The end nuts seem lackluster at first - but don't be fooled. They have a rotating bushing that reduces friction and makes using them buttery smooth. The Acme threading on the rods also serves to make everything go together quickly and easily.

Being a modular tool, this Multi-Press from Enduro offers portability AND additional functionality. Typically a tool that is good for traveling is making sacrifices somewhere else, but that's just not the case here.

Check it out:

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