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Here at Neutral Support, we have used quite a few star nut setters; most come up wanting. It seems like it would be an easy tool to get right, but for whatever reason tools tend to not thread far enough into the nut, or prevent the wings of the star from flexing, or leave a lot of room for user error resulting in crooked nuts. Pedro’s Star Nut Setter addresses all of the issues and sets star nuts correctly every time!

This is a two piece tool, the actual setter and a guide tube. The grub screw on the setter is much longer than most of the competition and securely engages all of the threads of the star nut. The end of the setter leading up to the tool is tapered, this ensures that the wings of the star nut can flex when being set.

The guide tube is double sided allowing you to choose between 1” or 1⅛“ threadless steerer tubes. Placing the guide tube over the steerer tube, you simply drop the setter in and hammer away. The guide tube prevents crooked nuts and eliminates the risk of tapping the nut too far into the steerer.

If you’ve ever had an off day and botched a star nut or if you want to confidently hand off this part of the work to a fellow employee with too much winter downtime, this is a fantastic tool and well worth your consideration!

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