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SRAM DB8 Mineral Oil Brake, New Bleed Kit Needed!

SRAM is taking the world by storm and just released a mineral oil brake....wait, what?? You read right. This may seem like a departure from their DOT fluid systems, and that's because it is. Luckily we've tracked down exactly what you need to bleed the new DB8 brakes - just not when to expect it!

Like most component companies, SRAM is chasing the OEM market and to do that they needed a low-maintenance brake to compete with the overwhelming presence of Shimano and Tektro in that space. Manufacturers are looking for the easiest and cheapest brakes possible to fit into their logistics. Many times, a new bike is specced with SRAM drivetrain components, but NOT their brakes for that exact reason. So for that, this move makes a lot of sense to get SRAM on those bikes and doesn't seem to be the sign of all brake things to come.

The lever is based on the Level brakes so will feel very familiar to users. Whether the brake feel of the mineral oil will be SRAM-like or altogether different, time will tell. Bleeding the DB8 uses completely different fittings than any other brake in SRAM's system. We do not yet know if those fittings are shared with any other company's offerings, but we DO know that you will need another bleed kit. We have the part number: 00.5318.031.000

That part number is currently inactive, but will be the right one so be sure to save it! Luckily, the brakes use the existing barb and olive "Stealthamajig" system and Code brake pads - no special parts needed for hose shortening and no new pad shape. The system uses Maxima mineral oil, which was also not listed anywhere except SRAM's website currently. No sign yet if the aftermarket will have a large response to this brake and develop alternatives.

All-in-all as long as SRAM gets the bleed kits to market in conjunction with the brakes actually arriving, the roll out will be smooth and we are interested to see the reception! If you get one in hand, let us know what you think!

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