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$10 DIY Enduro Bushing Organizer

What mechanic doesn't like an organized bench? (Or at least, dreams of one!) Enduro provided us with an overwhelming selection of tools - so I set out on a quest to create the ultimate organization system for the numerous bearing press bushings I had accumulated. The best part? It only cost $10.

This peg board only requires a couple of simple ingredients:

- (3) 4ft 1/4" dowel rods

- (1) Hunk of wood of your choice

Sometimes it can be tough to find quality wooden boards that are flat and thick enough for a project like this, but it turns out you can buy an untreated stair tread and segment it to create a great platform for around $5-6.

Then it's the simple matter of drilling some holes and making some pegs! Spoiler alert: I approached this one from a different...angle...

For more details, check out the video! As always, feel free to subscribe to the channel for more info.

You can find all of Enduro's great tools here:

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