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Tool Short #5: Wera Pistol Ratchet

Hardly a day goes by that a mechanic does not use a ratchet of some kind. As more attention is paid to ergonomics, we see multiple ratcheting alternatives to standard wrenches popping up everywhere. Wera is not a bicycle tool company, but instead makes high-quality hand tools across many industries. In this case, the Kompact Pistol Ratchet makes its mark as an effective tool for reducing hand fatigue and increasing efficiency.

The ratchet uses standard 1/4" bits, opening up an entire world of possibilities for what it can be used for. Store up to 6 bits in the handle (with a nifty quick-release button mind you...), and keep a bit securely held right in the ratchet itself. The left and right adjustment knob gives tangible feedback and is easy to reach one handed. The tool itself has a max torque limit of 50nm, way more than a reasonable person would ever use it for, or way more than a typical person would even be able to accomplish with only 4" of leverage. If that wasn't enough, you can carry it around in a belt holster for quick access like the true gunslinger you are.

Ratchets are a large category of standard tool with many varieties on the market. Some are just average ratchets, while others like the Wera really set themselves apart by creating a unique tool experience that elevates efficiency and convenience.

Find the Wera Kraftform Kompact Pistol Ratchet Driver in some of your local wholesale distributors, and here:

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