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Sometimes a tool saves you so much time that you just have to shine a spotlight on it. Enter the Wheels Manufacturing Adjustable Press Stop, or as we’ve taken to calling it despite numerous cease and desist letters, the Companion Cube.

The main function of this tool is to shorten the all thread portion of Wheels MFG’s bottom bracket press, but it should work with any half inch press with the same pitch. Wheels does not currently make a compatible cube for their smaller hub bearing press, but I would definitely have one if they did. The Adjustable Press Stop takes the place of the traditional handle.

Instead of spinning the old handle all the way down the all thread to get to the bottom bracket insert, you simply press the button on the cube, slide it over the thread and release the button once you’ve reached the desired position. Like all good tools, the design is simple, the materials are quality, and the function can cumulatively save so much time; it is just an added bonus that it happens to be aesthetically pleasing.

Check out the video, comment below, and keep up with us for more Tool Shorts, reviews, and other useful content!

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