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Tool Alert : Topeak PrepStand eUP®

October 12, 2021 - Topeak is bringing the heat into the work stand game by introducing the PrepStand eUp, a portable "lift-assisted" work stand. The inner cartridge is capable of lifting up to 37lbs, with a max capacity in the stand of 77.1lbs. This effectively brings lift stands out of the shop and into the van.

Clamp style appears to be similar in style to the Park Tool 100-25D and the stand folds up to minimize footprint for storage and transport. The stand itself weighs 26.46lbs, making it roughly twice the weight of the PrepStand Pro, but still incredibly light considering the added functionality.

Topeak provides a list of repair parts for the stand, including a part number for the replaceable lift cartridge. Being relatively new, the stand will surely be put through its paces over the next year to determine durability.

Check out the rest of the details at Topeak's site, found here.

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