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The new Shimano Di2 comes with a slew of redesigns including wireless shifters and a new, smaller e-tube with a higher data capacity. Along with those changes comes some challenges with hardwiring into the system for firmware and other maintenance requirements. We are here to navigate those with you!

The charging port, which used to be a data transfer port, has moved to the rear derailleur. Along with the move, the charging point changes to charging ONLY. That only leaves two options for firmware updates: wireless via the Etube Project App and hardwiring into the system. For those who are a little apprehensive about committing to the wireless updates, here's a list of exactly the tools you will need to connect directly and avoid the connectivity challenges of the past:

1) A Computer running Windows.

2) Shimano SM-PCE02:

3) Shimano EW-AD305:

4/5) Shimano EW-SD300:

6) Shimano JC304:

AND DON'T FORGET to use the new TL-EW300 when connecting and disconnecting the etubing.

"Some assembly required" would be a good tag for this maneuver. From the outside observer, it would appear that Shimano backed into their linkage solution to avoid having to update their tooling. For more in-depth info - watch the video! Subscribe to the channel and follow us here for more Tech Bulletins - we want to get the information in your hands before you need it!

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